Do you know where your data is?

Wrangle your data and ensure your pipelines are working for you.

Why Wandering Leaf Studios?

You need professionals who cares about and understands your business. Let us help you move towards your goals with a data-driven approach and workflow.

Wandering Leaf Studios provides courses, services, and tools for entrepreneurs and startups who don't need a full-time web analytics or data engineering team..

Data Collection

You need data in order to begin making critical business decisions. Let us help you collect the correct data for your business.

Data and ETL Pipelines

We can help you connect your data lakes to your data warehouses and into data analytics dashboards for analysis. Whether it's batch or streaming data, we can set up extract, transform. and load (ETL) pipelines customized for your business.

Machine-Learning Data Analysis

Do you need some machine learning predictive models built for product recommendations or image recognition? We can help you with that.